Several Best Home Remedies For Opiate Withdrawals

Several best home remedies for opiate withdrawals

Opiate is the most addictive narcotic. It can cause harsh withdrawal symptom if you do not continue taking it. Serious opiate addictions may need supervision in rehabilitation facility. Many people decide to undergo withdrawal. They prefer to undergo the opiate detox at home to reduce the symptom with some home remedies. There are several home remedies for opiate withdrawals that you can do.   

Several Best Home Remedies For Opiate Withdrawals
  1. You should consider whether you will choose taping off the opiate or going cold-turkey. The most common recommendation is gradual taping off. But in some conditions, it is not ideal to do. Tapering needs high level of discipline with strict schedule. You should decrease the dosage over time. Going cold-turkey can give better sense of finality. 
  2. OTC remedies. You can try OTC remedies that include:
    a. NSAIDs for relieving pain. The common NSAIDs are ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin. They can help releasing minor pain.
    b. Sleep acid for relaxing and falling asleep. You can select doxylamine succinate and antihistamines diphenhydramine to help you relaxing and falling asleep. It is one of the good home remedies for opiate withdrawals, especially for people who cannot falling asleep.
    c. Anti-Diarrheal Medicines . You can choose Bismuth subsalicylate to treat runny stool and reduce nausea & vomiting. For slowing the digestive process and preventing dehydration, you can select loperamide.
    d. Topical muscle rubs. It will help you to heat and cool the ointment. You can select Tiger Balm or Bengay to relief cramping or aching muscle. Some people may cannot use topical rubs, since they can cause chemical burns on sensitive skin. You need to try small area for testing that they are safe for your skin.  
  3. You need to do exercise. When you exercise, your body will produce endorphins (hormone). This hormone will act as opiates. It can reduce pain, enhance mood, and incite euphoria. You can change the opiate usage with healthier habit. You should avoid injury when exercising.   
  4. Make discipline sleep schedule each day. It is very important step of home remedies for opiate withdrawals. People with opiate withdrawal often cannot feel asleep. With little time of sleeping, a people tend to feel body pain and low energy.    
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