Acne is one of the diseases with the onset of freckles on the face accompanied with pus that was so painful so make someone less confident. Factors cause acne is Propionibacterium acnes bacteria that live on human skin. This sudden growth of bacteria can make the immune system is so alert and triggers the inflammation so that it will show up pimples. Read also the article What Cause Acne? Fast Facts About Acne

Resolve arisen acne need extra handling to eradicate acne. Not only diligently cleaning the face and using acne cures, acne-prone skin care but should also from within, like keeping the diet. Here there are some foods that can cure acne and accessible:


Food that can cure Acne

  1. Green tea
    Green tea is rich in deposits of anti-inflammatory, called catechins. Catechins help reduce the effects of free radicals on the body, such as pollution, sunlight, cigarette smoke and, in addition, can cope with acne problems and signs of aging, such as wrinkles and facial blemishes.
  2. Olive oil
    Olive oil contains essential fatty acids needed skin. Their subjects can nourish the skin and cope with acne problems. To make it more healthy, you can eat vegetables with olive oil.
  3. Cucumber
    Vegetables with high water content such as cucumber it s believes good for skin breakouts. The water helps dispose of toxins yan clog pores. Plus more, cucumbers have the soothing astringent effect. So effective to relieve irritation and redness of a pimple. Suggested eating a cucumber fruit every day.
  4. Low-fat dairy products
    One of the most important components of skin health is vitamin a. the best way to get it is by eating low-fat dairy products. In fact, experts say that the health of our skin cells depends on vitamin a. Skin healthy skin means that free with acne.
  5. Yoghurt
    Yogurt is able to prevent bad bacteria causes acne develops in the body. Konsumsilah yogurt one-two servings a day. You can mix it with bananas, strawberries or grapefruit pieces.
  6. The Oyster
    These foods are usually better known as sex arousal Enhancer. But there is one more purpose, namely the exterminator acne due to its content of zinc. Zinc function helps the absorption of vitamin A in the body and control the hormonal cause of acne. Oyster stew is the best cure for acne.
  7. Whitewater
    Surely you often hear the advice told to drink eight glasses of water per day. Yes, the white water is indeed very important to the health of the body and skin. Whitewater can remove all the toxins in the body, including the ' toxic ' causes acne. If you don't like to drink that has no flavor, you can add a lemon or mint leaves into Your mineral water.

Tips to cope with an enlarged Pimple

  1. Get rid of the problem from its roots
    Address the most appropriate acne naturally with eradicating from its roots. Consult the State of your skin on a dermatologist to find out the cause of the outbreak of acne. It could be just a health or environmental factors to cause acne. Your dermatologist may prescribe medication as early countermeasures, can be oral medications or swap containing benzoyl peroxide.
  2. Diligent Clean Face
    Acne be solved will be more difficult if the face is oily and not clean. Therefore, always clean the face daily, morning and before bed time. Use special cleaners, acne or facial foam it soft and oil-free. Clean gently using warm water to remove oil and dirt.
  3. Select Product Carefully
    Note the facial products to use, especially when the more severe acne. Sensitive skin is more prone to Acne affected if products used contain fragrances, deodorant, or alcohol. We recommend that you buy and use products that are free of oil for the cleaners, fresheners, and moisturizers. Preferred products like special make-up skin breakouts so you can keep a performing style and not aggravate acne.
  4. Relax with Sauna
    The more severe acne increased stress levels. Rest yourself while doing a sauna once a week. Sauna is also beneficial opening pores and removes dead skin cells. Don't forget the sweat Weeps after a sauna bath with cold water.
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